We often hear about how intolerant Christians are–about how Christians hate homosexuals and non-Christians, but is it true? Does repeating something enough times make it so?

If five billion people claimed 2+2=5 would they be right or would the one billion claiming it is four be correct? Hopefully, we can agree the latter group would still be correct, despite the overwhelming majority’s concurrence.

While I confess there are a handful of people who claim the name of Christ, but do not share His compassion, the majority of Christians are extremely tolerant.

Calling something like homosexuality a sin is no more an example of intolerance than calling a Ford a car is. Since homosexuality is such a heated topic though, let us look at it through a different prism. Is it intolerance when a Christian says raping and murdering a child is a sin?

The truth of the matter is we are called to love sinners while being intolerant of sins. But we cannot live others’ lives for them. So, we must be intolerant of sin within our own lives. It is like when Jesus asked, “Why do you complain about the splinter in his eye when you have a whole plank in your own?” (Yes, I’m paraphrasing Him.)

Telling someone something is a sin, however, is not a matter of splinters and planks. Nor is it judging another. It is a simple statement of fact. As an analogy, let us consider someone says, “I have a great idea. Let’s go to the theater and shout, ‘Fire.’” If you tell them, “That’s illegal,” are you also arresting and convicting them? Of course not. You simply told them something was against the law. That doesn’t mean you think you’re better because you only violate other laws. Nor does it imply you are perfect.

If you love your brothers and sisters even as Christ loved you, you will tell them what is sinful.

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