I’ve been facing tough times here lately. I suppose that means God is trying to get my attention. Besides losing my job a few months ago, my cat recently vanished. Yesterday morning, as I was walking the dog and praying–as I often do–I found myself realizing and vocalizing a painful thought. Despite all my prayers, God is under absolutely no obligation to answer them. He will never be indebted to me. The only thing I deserve is death.

As Romans 3:23 says, “For all have sinned and come short of the glory of God.” Later Paul said in 6:23 “the wages of sin is death.” It is all any of us truly deserve.

Yes, I understand what Paul was driving at, but I could not help but think of both of those verses at the same time. I trust in God and Jesus Christ. A fundamentalist, I believe every bit of the Bible. I know Jesus Christ sacrificed himself for my sins and that he raised Himself on the third day. But that doesn’t mean I am perfect. The spirit is always willing, but the flesh is often weak. It’s for that reason this corruptable flesh deserves to die. In so passing, I will find life.

But back to the original thought. God owes me nothing. He already purchased me with an eternal warranty and an eternal fuel supply. I am more like God’s chauffer than taxi. By that I mean, if I carry his plan from Point A to Point B, he is under no obligation to pay me for it. He owns us all outright.

Though this may sound depressing, I write it as a bit of encouragement to others who find themselves wondering why God isn’t acting upon a specific prayer or in an area in your life. He will. But He will do it in His time. Keep praying. Keep expecting Him to hear. Keep expecting Him to answer. And keep thanking Him in advance.

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