We hear all the time about silver linings. The McKameys did a song that said, “God will make this trial a blessing” and that’s what I want to talk about.

When I lost my job last year, I trusted God would find me a new and better job quickly. He didn’t. As I have already admitted, my faith faltered. I wondered why God was taking His time in helping me.

I have that new job now. Being in sales, I have always enjoyed the opportunity to go out and meet new people, to learn about them and their businesses, and to help them solve problems. With this new job, not only do I get to do all that, but I am finding so may opportunities to talk about God, His greatness and His mercy.

This job has proven an excellent position in which I can testify and witness about the love of Christ. It may not have been exactly what I was looking for, but it is more than I could have hoped for. In the end, the jobs we hold do not matter. The only thing that will matte is what we have done with our time here on this earth.

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